Sorceress Ivy
Talent Enhancement
Occupation King of Human Xanth
Parents Irene and Dor
Marital Status\Mate Grey (husband)
Children\Offspring see children
Relatives Ida (twin)
Dolph (brother)

Ivy was delivered in 1069 to Irene and Dor. She is the twenty-first and current King of Human Xanth, succeeding Dor sometime around 1107. She is the sorceress of enhancement. She can enhance whatever quality in whatever person or thing she perceives. Ivy often used her talent on Hugo, the son of Humfrey and the Gorgon, as a child. She considered him her Knight in Shining Armor.

Ivy is the sister of Ida and Dolph. She has blonde hair with a tinge of green from her mother.

She a young girl she got lost and befriended Stanley, the Gap dragon. She also helped stop a wiggle swarm.

Though she has an antagonistic relationship with her brother Dolph; she does love him, and he loves her in return.

She later met Magician Grey in 1086 after using the Heaven Cent.[1] After an extensive adventure, she became engaged to Grey. They married in 1095 after a nine year engagement, at the conclusion of Roxanne Roc's trail when the sun and moon collided, an event they were rumored to be waiting for.

Children Edit

With the many worlds and characters on Ida's moons, many possible children have been introduced for Ivy and Grey.

Abscissa and Ordinate are fraternal twin sister and brother who were supposed to be delivered to Ivy and Grey, but their parents took too long to marry, so they were dropped off at an orphanage. They were met in Roc and a Hard Place.

Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm were delivered in 1096 and are the known and existent triplet daughters of Ivy and Grey.

Green, Revy, Grant, and Isabella Emily Carylyn are possible children of Ivy and Grey on Ptero met in Faun & Games.

Ilene and Gerrod are possible children of Ivy and Grey living on the Blue Face of Pyramid met in Faun & Games.

Dol is a possible son of Ivy and Grey on Ptero mentioned in Xone of Contention.

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The Xanth Reality 8, Ivy was named Io.

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