Squid is a six year old alien girl from an alternate reality Xanth which is fifty years into current Xanth's future. Her natural form is that of an octopus. She can reform her body to appear human. She was brought to current Xanth by Astrid, Fornax, and Dysnomia along with Firenze, Santo, Win, and Myst. The children found when they are together, they are connected. Astrid and Fornax were trying to find a family to adopt her.

Squid and the other children found the Playground and entered its Storage area with Astrid. While in Storage, her abilities were secretly amplified by Fornax.

Astrid, Kandy, and Ease took Squid to the island of Doctor Moribund in hopes he and Mexine would adopt her. While they were on the island, the stork delivered Mexine and Moribund a baby, so they decided not to adopt Squid. Kandy and Ease adopted her after they were married.[1]

References Edit

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