Stile is the main character of the first three books in the Apprentice Adept series. He starts off as a Gamesman and Serf on Proton, but eventually discovers Phaze. He is often depicted as being 4 feet and 11 inches tall. Stile's alternative self on Phaze, was killed by a demon amulet; so Stile has taken his place as the Blue Adept.


In the first book Split Infinity, Stile meets Sheen, an android who was sent to him anonymously to protect him. Sheen is programmed to love him, even though he can never love her back. Sheen lives in the frame of Proton, where she cannot cross the curtain to Phaze, due to the fact that advanced technology does not operate there.

After Stile travels to Phaze for the first time, he chooses Neysa to be his steed. Neysa nearly kills him while he attempts to mount her. He is eventually successful, and they become good friends throughout the series.

During the ending of the first book, Stile meets Lady Blue, the wife of his deceased alternative self. She at first believes he is an imposter, but soon comes to realize that he is indeed the alternative self of her late husband. They eventually fall in love and get married in the second book, The Blue Adept.

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