Stone Hinge is a city in ancient Xanth where the last remaining humans lived in the Region of Madness. Commonly called Hinge, the buildings in the city can fold down on hinges to form a protected area free from the madness. The last humans there created the Interface between Xanth and Mundania.

Thousands of years later it was recreated. In the recreation, the characters had alternative identities.[1]

  • Gary was Gar the Good and tutor of Supi.
  • Mentia was Menti the Mentor and governess of Supi.
  • Iris was Queen Iri the Irate and mother of Supi.
  • Surprise was Princess Supi the Super.
  • Hiatus was Prince Hiat the Hedonist and uncle of Supi.
  • Hannah was Hanna the Handmaiden to Gar.
  • Desiree was Desi the Desolate.

References Edit

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