Surprise is the daughter of Rapunzel and Grundy, wife of Umlaut, mother of Prize. She is the sorceress of talents and can use any talent imaginable once and only once. Her name Surprise is because the stork surprisingly didn't bring her until she was five years old.

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In The Dastard, she found out that she could in fact use talents again after a lengthy recharge, but the Dastard saw how happy she was and went back in time and successfully prevented her from finding this out. However, she has also realized that by using her imagination, she can produce any given effect in multiple ways, effectively bypassing the limitation.

Surprise was instrumental in restoring the Interface around Xanth in Geis of the Gargoyle.

Supi the Super Edit

Supi is the identity of Surprise while in the city of Stone Hinge. She is a princess and the daughter of Queen Iri.[1]

In alternate realities Edit

The stork refused to deliver Surprise's daughter Prize because Surprise was only thirteen years old chronologically. The stork then went through to another reality and delivered her daughter there. Surprise with Che went through several realities looking for her daughter and met several versions of herself and Che. During their trip before going through the alternate realities, she and Che had to wade through a love spring bog, however, they did not act on the impulse, though they are sorely tempted.

In each of the alternate realities, the versions of Surprise had a child by her husband. Main Surprise is Surprise-One.[2]

  • In Xanth Reality One, Surprise-Two and Umlaut had a son.
  • In Xanth Reality Two, Surprise-Three was married to Che, and they had an unnamed foal.
  • In Xanth Reality Three, Surprise-Four was married to Picka Bone.
  • In Xanth Reality Four, Surprise-Five was married to Brusque-Five. Brusque-One was offered to Surprise in lieu of Umlaut by Jupiter and Fornax in Up in a Heaval.
  • In Xanth Reality Five, Surprise-Six was married to Jot.
  • In Xanth Reality Six, Surprise-Seven did not get her soul back from Jupiter and Fornax. Not only was she soulless, she was possessed by Morgan Le Fey. She married fifteen year old Epoxy, however, in this reality the Adult Conspiracy did not apply. Morgan in Surprise's body had an affair with Umlaut-Seven to get Surprise-One's child as a new host for herself.

After she got Prize, she returned to her home reality and to Umlaut supposedly.

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