It is said that all humans born in Xanth possess a magical ability, called a talent.

Variety of talent[]

There is an endless variety of talents. It is said that no two humans have the same talent, though similar talents can exist. Talents vary in their potency, ranging from garden variety spot-on-the-wall type magic to the rare and powerful magician caliber magics.

A variety of factors exist that can influence what magic talent an individual may develop. In many cases, an individual's personality seems important. The nature of the talent can seem rather reflective of the future personality of the wielder. Yet there are enough cases of strong magic found in generations of particular family lines to question the role of heredity in how talents are awarded. One belief is that the "...strength of magic was hereditary, while type of magic was environmental." [1]

Mundanes and talents[]

It was thought mundanes did not or could not have talents. However, it was discovered they will develop talents after around five years in Xanth. A notable example of a mundane with a talent is Sherlock, the Magician of reversal.

Examples of talent[]

Basic talents[2]:

  • Making a leaf of a tree wither and die merely by looking at it
  • Create the odor of sour milk
  • Making insane laughter bubble up from the ground
  • Create a pink spot on walls

Magician caliber talents:

  • Transformation (Trent)
  • Protection from magic (Bink)
  • Illusion (Iris)