The Talent Research Group was created by a group of descendants of the Seventh Wave in an effort to improve their talents.[1] The group was lead by Hydrogen. The descendants of the Seventh Wave had stay to themselves so did not develop powerful talents making them prey for bigger predators. The found a way to improve their talents, creating at least eight magicians.

With their talents now far greater, they began fighting among each other. Some wondered why Hydrogen should still lead them. Loudspeaker turned his more powerful talent against them and turned all but Hydrogen into chobees. This started a war between Hydrogen and Loudspeaker.

After Hydrogen won against Loudspeaker, he retired to the Region of Water with his assistant and now wife Bec. He also hid the method to improve talents, and the knowledge is now lost.

Examples of improved talents Edit

Hydrogen's original talent was to clean dirty water. He improved his talent to become a master of the elements.

Loudspeaker's original talent was to amplify his voice. He improved his talent was Words of Power.

References Edit

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