Tapis was the first Queen of Human Xanth when Merlin, her husband, became King. She is the mother of Jonathan and Taplin. Her talent was to weave enchanted tapestries. In addition to sewing the Tapestry of History, she also trained Electra in the art of producing the Heaven Cent. She gave Jonathan the Tapestry of History at some point.

Originally Taplin, with the ordinary talent of making the amaranth flower bloom, not Electra, was supposed to be the person who was put to sleep at the Isle of View. Tapis had been commissioned to make a magical coverlet for the her daughter.

At some point after Electra's 847-year sleep began, Tapis was turned into a magic seed which was rained on and sprouted in the year 1100, restoring her to her human form. Unfortunately for her, this sprouting was unhappened by the actions of the Dastard after he met her, leaving her trapped in seed form.

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