This timeline comes from Official Timeline of Xanth.

The arrival of X(A/N)th[]

Around the year 4000 BFW, before first wave, the Demon X(A/N)th is banished to realm of Xanth by other senior demons. The date is could be off by about ten thousand years as an accurate timeline is not possible. X(A/N)th's presence caused magic to slowly infuse the realm due to minor leakage from his essence.

The first human colony[]

2200 BFW
  • A colony of humans arrive from Mundania. The colony grows for a while until Magicians and Sorceresses start manifesting. One of the early Sorceresses is the Sea Hag Peril, mostly unknown to others because of her frequent change of bodies.
  • Many uncounted waves happen between this year and 2100 BFW.
2100 BFW Around this date Xanth is cut off from Mundania, becoming a true island.
1900 BFW
  • The human colony has failed by crossbreeding itself to extinction. The humans become assorted magic species through the crossbreeding or were changed by magic. Harpies, Merfolk, Nagas, Sphinxes, Ogres, Goblins, Elves, Fauns, Nymphs, Fairies, various Winged Monsters, and other crossbreeds and variants are suspected to have derived from this. most species tend to be close-mouthed about it, evidently preferring not to admit the debasement of their lineage by human stock. Thus this colony is unknown to history, except by the mute evidence of the surviving species.
  • The last survivors of the human colony form the Interface to allow limited contact with Mundania.
1000 BFW The isthmus is restored and limited contact with Mundania is resumed.
800 BFW Centaur species begins around this time.
85 BFW Prince Harold Harpy delivered.
73 BFW Prince Harold Harpy exiled to Brain Coral's Pool.

First Wave[]

In year 0, the First Wave of human colonization arrives in Xanth, establishing current permanent settlement.

In year 1, the civilized voles leave their main camp near the Gap Chasm.

Second Wave[]

In year 35, the Second Wave invades Xanth. They kill the men and children of the First Wave.

Third Wave[]

In year 200, the Third Wave occurs.

In year 202, the stork delivers Magician Roogna to a Third Waver.

Fourth Wave and King Merlin[]

In year 204, the women surviving the Third Wave are lead by Magician Merlin in killing their rapist husbands and bring in better men, the Fourth Wave. Magician Merlin, whose talent is knowledge, becomes the first King of Xanth. Merlin serves until 226.

In year 206, King Merlin marries Sorceress Tapis.

In year 207, the stork delivers Jonathan to Tapis and Merlin.

In year 216, the stork delivers Taplin to Tapis and Merlin.

In year 219, the stork delivers Millie the Maid to the West Stockade.

In year 225, the stork delivers Electra to the West Stockade.

In year 226, King Merlin abdicates the throne and leaves on a mission to Mundania.

King Roogna[]

In year 228, Magician Roogna, whose talent is adaptation, crowns himself king. He serves until 286.

In year 233, Electra goes to the Isle of View to help the Sorceress Tapis by making the Heaven Cent.

Fifth Wave[]

236 Events from Castle Roogna
  • Advance scouts of the Fifth Wave arrive in Xanth.
  • NoRemember 30th -- During his adventure in Fourth Wave Xanth, Dor detonates the Forget Spell in the Gap Chasm.
  • The great Goblin-Harpy War begins.
  • Prince Harold Harpy was released from Brain Coral's Pool, and the spell on goblin females is revoked.
  • Neo-Sorceress Vadne topologically transforms Millie the Maid into a book titled The Skeleton in the Closet. She is exiled to Brain Coral's Pool.
  • Dismember 1st -- Magician Jonathan, the Zombie Master, converts himself into a zombie.

Event from Isle of View

Princess Taplin goes to Tapis to have a coverlet made for her sleep. However, there is an altercation between Magician Murphy and Sorceress Tapis at the Isle of View. Murphy's curse causes Electra to bite the apple and start the 1,000-year sleep originally intended for the Princess. Tapis and Taplin go to Castle Roogna where Taplin marries King Roogna.

  • Magician Murphy retires to the Brain Coral's Pool.
  • Fifth Wave proper begins.
267 Jonathan Zombie encounters a phantom at Specter Lake.

Sixth Wave and King Rana[]

In year 286 King Roogna dies in a battle with the Sixth Wave. Sorceress Rana, whose talent is creation, becomes the first female King of Xanth. She serves until 325.

King Reitas[]

In year 325 King Rana dies, and Magician Reitas, whose talent is solving problems, becomes King. He serves until 350.

King Rune[]

In year 350 King Reitas dies, and Magician Rune, Rana's son whose talent is evocation becomes King. He serves until 378.

Seventh Wave and King Jonathan[]

  • King Rune dies. Magician Jonathan, a zombie at the time whose talent is creating zombies, becomes King. He serves until 478.
  • Seventh Wave comes into Xanth peacefully and settles.
400 Seventh Wave settlers form the Talent Research Group under Hydrogen: Bond 007
  • Talent Research Group perfects joint curses. The settlers call themselves the Curse Friends, known as Curse Fiends to outsiders.
  • OctOgre 2nd -- Ogres Leave Lake Ogre to begin migration to Ogre-fen-Ogre Fen.
  • OctOgre 30th -- Ogres Arrive at Ogre-Fen-Ogre-Fen.
405 Secret of expanding talents.
406 After the Talent Research Group discovers how to modify talents. Hydrogen, Loudspeaker, and six others achieve Magician-level talents.
  • Loudspeaker uses a Word of Power to destroy the opposition, transforming the other members of the Talent Research Group into chobees.
  • Lake Ogre is renamed Lake Ogre-Chobee.
408 Hydrogen, the only survivor of the Group, sets out to defeat Loudspeaker. His team's joint curses form the Forbidden Regions of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Void before destroying Loudspeaker.
409 Hydrogen marries his assistant, Bec.
410 Hydrogen dedicates his life to hiding the secret of modified talents forever.

King Vortex[]

In year 478, the Zombie King abdicates the throne finding the job too rotten. Magician Vortex, whose talent is summoning demons, becomes King. He serves for an unknown period of time.

In year 495, the Simurgh's egg delivered.

In year 500, Roxanne Roc starts penance at the Nameless Castle, egg sitting for the Simurgh.

King Neytron[]

In year 548 Magician Neytron, whose talent is bringing paintings to life, becomes King. He serves until 575.

King Nero[]

In year 575, Magician Nero, whose talent is animating golems, becomes King. He serves until 623.

In year 591, the stork delivers Gromden who perceives the history of any object he touches.

King Gromden[]

In year 623, Magician Gromden becomes King and serves from until 677.

In year 657, the stork delivers Magician Yin-Yang.

In year 658, the stork brings Threnody as the result of the mischief of Demoness Metria with King Gromden.

In year 659, the stork delivers Jordan the Barbarian to Fen Village.

In year 674, the Queen places a curse on Castle Roogna: if Threnody ever enters, the castle will fall.

King Yang[]

  • Jordan begins his adventure in medieval Xanth.
  • NoRemember 8th -- Jordan has a tryst with Bluebell Elf.
  • King Gromden dies, and Magician Yin-Yang, whose talent is creating invokable spells, assumes the throne under his evil side's name Yang. He married Threnody, Gromden's daughter, to solidify his position. Because of her curse, he abandons Castle Roogna. He serves from until 719.
  • Jordan is dismembered and becomes a ghost.
681 Threnody commits suicide and becomes a ghost.
682 King Yang remarries.
684 Stork delivers Lord Bliss to Yang.
689 Stork holds nose and delivers Evil Magician Muerte A. Fid.

Eighth Wave[]

In year 698. the Eighth Wave occurs.

In year 704, Lord Bliss marries Lady Ashley Rose.

In year 705, the stork delivers Rose to Ashley Rose and Bliss.

King Muerte A. Fid[]

In year 719, King Yang is assassinated by poisoning, and Magician Muerte A. Fid, whose talent is alchemy, assumes the throne. He serves from until 797.

In year 721, Lord Bliss receives a poison-pen letter.

In year 725, Lord Bliss dies and Rose is sent to Castle Roogna for safety where Demoness Magpie helps care for her.

Ninth Wave and King Quan[]

In year 753 the Ninth Wave occurs. In the same year, Magician Quan, Muerte A. Fid's nephew whose talent is herbalism, assumes throne. He serves until 797.

Tenth Wave and King Elona[]

In year 797, the Tenth Wave occurs. In the same year, Sorceress Elona, talent of Longevity, becomes second female King. She serves from 797 for an unknown period of time.

Eleventh Wave and King Warren[]

  • Eleventh Wave occurs.
  • Warren the Ghost, whose talent is creating ghosts, becomes King. He serves until 909. He has been killed by Fid Also. (Solidifying)
883 Stork delivers Magician Ebnez.
900 Events from Yon Ill Wind
  • Joshua, the reverse magician, gives the reverse thread to Gestalt the vampire.
  • Joshua creates reverse wood and is killed by a witch.
  • Nimby, Chlorine, and Tweeter retrieve the reverse thread from Gestalt.
  • Gestalt is burned to ashes, causing the creation of mosquitoes.

King Ebnez[]

In year 909, Magician Ebnez, whose talent is inanimate adaptation, assumes the throne, after Ghost King exorcised by people. He serves to 952.

In year 910 Calliope is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 911 Euterpre is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 912 Melpomene is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 913 Terpsichore is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 914 Erato is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 915 Polyhymenia is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

In year 916 Urania is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez.

Twelfth Wave[]

920 Clio is delivered to Mnem and Ebnez and sent to Castle Roogna.
924 Clio finds her curves.
926 Clio finds her talent.
932 King Ebnez adapts the Deathstone into the Shieldstone to protect Xanth from Mundane Waves.
935 Clio babysits Humfrey.
937 The daughters of Ebnez and Mnem become the Muses on Mount Parnassus.
  • Stork delivers Aeolus, the Storm Magician.
  • King Ebnez hires the Good Magician Humfrey as Royal Surveyor to do a Xanth Census of Talents.

King Humfrey[]

952 King Ebnez dies, and Humfrey is declared Magician and becomes King. He talent is information. He marries his first wife, Dara. He serves until 971 when he abdicates the throne.
953 E. Timber Bram appointed as Historian of Xanth. He creates this History.
  • Stork delivers Dafrey to King Humfrey and Demoness Dara; Dara leaves Humfrey. Humfrey marries his second wife, Maiden Taiwan, to raise Dafrey.
  • Dara returns in the image of Taiwan to seduce Humfrey to get rid of the last bits of soul.
  • The tics mutate.
  • Stork delivers Matt A Door to Dara who does not take care of him well.
957 Matt a Door looks for his father but ends up under the Roc of Ages and sleeps his life away.
969 Magician Arnolde Centaur is foaled on Centaur Isle.

King Aeolus[]

  • Humfrey abdicates the throne and the Storm Magician Aeolus, whose talent is creating storms, assumes the throne. He serves until his death in 1042.
  • Matron Taiwan abdicates their marriage and leaves Humfrey.
  • Humfrey re-discovers Castle Roogna.
972 Humfrey earns a degree from the Demon University of Magic, becoming a true Magician of Information, and marries Rose of Roogna, his third wife.
973 Stock delivers Rosetta (Roy) Bliss Humfrey to Magician Humfrey and Rose of Roogna.
975 The Storm King Aeolus decrees that any resident without a magic talent will be exiled from Xanth.
986 Girard Giant rolled to Giant Village by battalion of storks.
997 Stork delivers Magician Trent to North Village.
  • Rose goes to Hell in a handbasket, and Humfrey takes 80 years' worth of Lethe elixir.
  • Magician Humfrey marries Sofia. his fourth wife.
  • Stork delivers
    • Sorceress Iris to an unwary family
    • Jethro Giant
1002 Stork delivers Crombie to Magician Humfrey and Sofia Mundane.
1007 Magician Humfrey trains Sorceress Iris.
1017 AwGhost 6th -- Stork delivers Bink to Bianca and Roland in North Village.
1021 Magician Trent transforms the fish in Fish River into lightning bugs and transforms Cynthia, the poor human girl, into a winged centaur filly who flees to the Brain Coral's Pool.
  • Magician Trent attempts a coup d'etat.
  • Apull 27th -- Magician Trent transforms Justin into a tree.
  • Magician Trent is betrayed and exiled to Mundania.
  • Stork delivers Chameleon to Gap Village.
1024 Sorceress Iris betrays the Master Slaver.
1025 Stork delivers the twin sisters Gorgon and Siren.
1027 Bink loses the middle finger of his left hand in a non-magical accident.
1033 Herman Centaur exiled from the herd for having a magic talent.
1035 Sofia Mundane, Good Magician Humfrey's fourth wife returns to Mundania.
1036 The Sea Hag takes over her last human body in historical times.
1039 FeBlueberry 19th -- Good Magician Humfrey animates Grundy Golem.
1040 Donald becomes a shade.

Thirteenth Wave and King Trent[]

1042 The events of A Spell for Chameleon
  • Bink goes to Good Magician Humfrey to learn whether he has a magic talent. He encounters Chester and Cherie, Chameleon in her three aspects, a shade named Donald, Sorceress Iris, and Crombie the Soldier. His finger is restored by a healing spring. He can not prove he has a talent so is exiled to Mundania. Chameleon follows him. They and Trent return to Xanth and find Castle Roogna. Bink finds his magician caliber talent.
  • Jewel-Lye 12th -- Herman the Hermit Centaur dies.
  • AwGhost 23rd -- Wiggle swarm occurs.
  • BigFoot Giant dies.
  • King Aeolus, the Storm King, dies.
  • Jewel-Lye 17th -- Magician Trent, whose talent is transformation, becomes King and deactivates the Shieldstone. He marries Sorceress Iris as a condition of his kingship. He serves until 1067 except for a short period in 1059 when he goes to Mundania and a short period during the NextWave in 1067 before he abdicates the throne for retirement.
  • Magician Bink marries Chameleon.
  • Chester Centaur marries Cherie Centaur.
  • Trent's former army settles peacefully as the Thirteenth Wave.
  • Chet Centaur foaled near North Village to Chester and Cherie Centaur.
  • Grundy Golem goes to Magician Humfrey and asks how he can become real.
1043 The events of The Source of Magic
  • Millie the Ghost is restored to life.
  • Magician Bink, Chester Centaur, Crombie the Soldier, and Magician Humfrey go on a quest to find the source of magic.
  • SapTimber 10th: Bink releases the Demon X(A/N)th, who leaves the realm of Xanth and causes the Time of No Magic.
  • The Demon X(A/N)th returns.
  • Magician Murphy and Neo-Sorceress Vadne escape the Brain Coral's Pool and make a deal with Com-Pewter. He gets them safely out of Xanth, and their child will serve Com-Pewter if he ever comes to Xanth.
  • The Brain Coral starts an inventory of its stock in the pool, which takes two or three decades. Murphy and Vadne's absence is not yet noticed.
  • Crunch Ogre marries a Curse Fiend in ogress mode.
  • SapTimber 12th: The Demon X(A/N)th makes Grundy Golem alive.
  • The Demon X(A/N)th silently decrees that all of Magician Bink's descendants will have Magician-level talents.
  • SapTimber 15th: Stork brings Magician Dor to Magician Bink and Chameleon.
  • Crombie marries Jewel Nymph.
  • Gorgon leaves Xanth.
  • Apull 15th: Stork brings Princess Irene to King Trent and Queen Iris.
  • AwGhost 15th: Smash Ogre whelped north of Magic Dust Village to Crunch Ogre and pseudo ogress.
  • Mayhem 25th: Stork brings Tandy to Crombie and Jewel.
  • Griselda Griffin delivered to Grinelle Griffin.
1045 Graeboe Giant found in Giant Village.
1046 Stork brings Goldy Goblin to Gorbage Goblin.
1047 Chem Centaur foaled to Chester and Cherie Centaur.
1051 Stork delivers Xavier to the witch Xanthippe in South Xanth.
1052 Stork brings Wira to an undistinguished and probably undeserving family.
1054 Gorgon returns to Xanth and asks Good Magician Humfrey a Question: " Would you marry me?" This results in her having to give one year's service before Humfrey will answer her question.
1055 The events of Castle Roogna
  • Dor goes to Fourth Wave Xanth to get the zombie restorative formula from the Zombie Master. He returns and uses it to restore Zombie Jonathan to life as the Zombie Master.
  • Magician Jonathan, the Zombie Master, marries Millie the Maid.
  • Hardy Harpy hatched in South Xanth.
  • The Gorgon, having served a year, gets her answer: Magician Humfrey will marry her. She's not surprised.
  • Jamboree 1st -- Hiatus and Lacuna, twins, are delivered to Zombie Master and Millie the Maid.
  • Glory Goblin is delivered to Gorbage Goblin.
  • Zora dies of grief when her true love is false, and is zombified.
  • Stork delivers Rapunzel, who is raised in the Ivory Tower by the Sea Hag.
  • A centaur and a winged horse happen to drink at a love spring. Mischief insues.
1058 The first Winged Centaur, Cheiron Centaur, is foaled.
1059 The events of Centaur Aisle
  • Magician Dor (Talent of Inanimate Communication) becomes King when King Trent leaves for a trip to Mundania. He serves for a short time in 1059 before traveling to Mundania in search of King Trent. He also served for a short time during the Next Wave in 1067. He becomes permanent King in 1067 and is presently the reigning King of Xanth.
  • Marsh 21st -- Good Magician Humfrey marries the Gorgon, his fifth wife.
  • Jonathan assumes the throne while Magician Dor, Irene, Magician Arnolde Centaur, Smash Ogre, and Grundy Golem go to Mundania and rescue King Trent and Queen Iris. He serves for a short time until King Trent returns from Mundania.
  • Ichabod Mundane learns of Xanth.
  • Tandy rides a Night Mare to Humfrey's castle.
  • Griselda Griffin enters Brain Coral’s pool.
  • Chet Centaur encounters a fat sea cow.
1063 The events of Ogre, Ogre
  • Chem Centaur maps central Xanth.
  • John Fairy and Joan Fairy married.
  • Apull 22nd -- Siren marries Morris Merman.
  • Smash Ogre marries Tandy.
  • Goldy Goblin marries a nonentitous goblin subchief.
  • Blythe Brassie marries Brawnye Brassy
  • Cencow crossbreed delivered to Chet Centaur’s sea cow.
  • Zombie Master and Millie the Ex-Ghost/Maid move south and build (with the help of their zombies) New Castle Zombie.
  • Cyrus is delivered to the Water Wing for Morris Merman and Siren.
  • Eskil is delivered to Smash Ogre and Tandy.
  • Hugo is delivered to Good Magician Humfrey and the Gorgon.
  • Prince Naldo Naga is delivered to King Nabob in Mount Etamin.
  • Bria Brassie is delivered to Blythe and Brawnye Brassy.

Fourteenth Wave and King Dor[]

1067 The events of Night Mare
  • Apull 2nd: Fourteenth Wave (NextWave) occurs.
  • JeJune 23rd: Princess Irene marries Magician Dor.
  • NextWave Chain of Kings
    1. King Trent begins the Chain of Kings
    2. Dor becomes King
    3. Jonathan (Zombie Master) becomes King
    4. Humfrey (reluctantly) becomes King
    5. Bink becomes King
    6. Arnold becomes King
    7. Iris becomes King
    8. Irene becomes King
    9. Chameleon becomes King
    10. Night Mare Imbrium becomes King
  • Irene judged to be a Sorceress.
  • Night Mare Imbrium kills the Horseman and rescues the enchanted Kings.
  • Trent returns as King when the NextWave Chain of Kings is finished
  • Jewel-Lye 8th: Mare Imbrium becomes a Day Mare.
  • King Trent abdicates the throne and retires with Iris to the North Village
  • Magician Dor assumes the throne. He is serving to the present.
  • Hiatus meets Desiree Dryad.
  • Wira put to sleep at age 16.
  • Stork manages to deliver Magician Grey to Magician Murphy and Neo-Sorceress Vadne in Mundania.
  • OctOgre 12th: Sorceress-Princess Ivy found under cabbage leaf by King Dor and Queen Irene (stork apparently couldn't get into the castle and was in a hurry, so could not wait for it to open).
  • Sorceress-Princess Ida (Talent of The Idea; what she believes becomes true, if originated by someone who doesn’t know her talent), Ivy’s identical twin sister, lost in swamp by the stork.
  • Mayhem 1st: Princess Nada Naga is delivered to King Nabob in Mount Etamin.
1072 The events of Dragon on a Pedestal
  • Gap Chasm Forget Spell, shaken by the Time of No Magic, fragments and spins off into forget whorls.
  • Magician Humfrey and the Gap Dragon are youthened to infancy due to a slight mishap at the Fountain of Youth.
  • Sorceress Ivy tames the Gap Dragon and names him Stanley Steamer.
  • Chem Centaur has an informal liaison with Xap Hippogryph.
  • Lady Gap Dragon, Stacey (Stella) Steamer, takes over Stanley's post.
  • Wiggle swarm, stopped by Stanley Steamer, Hugo, and Princess Ivy, using a forget whorl.
  • Hardy Harpy marries Glory Goblin.
  • Xavier marries Zora Zombie.
  • Merci Merchild is delivered to Merwin and Melantha Merfolk.
  • Chex Centaur, a winged centaur filly, is foaled by Chem Centaur. Because her sire, Xap Hippogryph, is of the animal kingdom, she grows and matures about twice as fast as ordinary centaurs.
  • Gloha Goblin-Harpy is delivered to Hardy Harpy and Glory Goblin.
  • Xeth Zombie is delivered to Xavier and Zora Zombie.
1074 The events of Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn
  • Marsh 11th: Magician-Prince Dolph found under cabbage leaf by King Dor and Queen Irene.
  • SapTimber 22nd: Jordan the Ghost revived (with Princess Ivy's help).
  • SapTimber 23rd: Threnody (Renee) revived (with Princess Ivy's help) and married to Jordan the Ghost.
  • Stanley Steamer accidentally banished by a leftover spell.
  • Gloha Goblin is delivered to Hardy and Glory.
  • Xander and Zelda Zombie are delivered to Xavier and Zora Zombie.
  • Girard Giant messes up dream realm and is punished by becoming the source of a river of blood.
  • Harglo Harpy-Goblin is delivered to Hardy Harpy and Glory Goblin.
1077 The events of Golem in the Gears
  • Grundy restores Magician Humfrey to adulthood by revealing the secret of creating age elixir with youth elixir and reverse wood.
  • Grundy Golem goes on a Quest with Snortimer, Ivy's Monster Under the Bed, to find Stanley Steamer.
  • Stacey Steamer changes her name to Stella.
  • Grundy rescues Rapunzel from the Sea Hag, with the aid of the Monster of the Sea. The Sea Hag apparently forgot her history, remembering only that she is thousands of years old.
  • Snortimer remains to protect the fauns and nymphs, in lieu of Stanley Steamer, who returns to Ivy.
  • Grundy defeats the Sea Hag, who is banished to the Brain Coral's Pool.
  • Grundy shows the Demon X(A/N)th How To Play To Win.
  • Godiva Goblin marries Chief Gouty Goblin.
  • Grundy marries Rapunzel.
  • Gwendolyn (Gwenny) Goblin is delivered to Gouty and Godiva Goblin.
  • Jewel-lye 2: Jenny Elf is born on the World of Two Moons.
  • Lacuna marries Vernon, retroactively.
  • Willow Elf is delivered to winged elm tree.
  • Stork sneaked Gobble Goblin to Gouty Goblin and a tart.
  • Sean Baldwin born in Mundania
  • Lacky, whose talent is writing things briefly true, alternate daughter, is delivered to Lacuna and Vernon.
1080 The events of Vale of the Vole
  • Good Magician Humfrey's dose of Lethe elixir wears off, and he remembers Rose of Roogna and goes to rescue her from Hell. The Gorgon and Hugo join him in the Dream Realm.
  • Latia Curse-Fiend leaves Gateway Castle in Lake Ogre-Chobee to help Esk Ogre and the voles.
  • Esk finds Marrow Bones and Bria Brassie on the Lost Path in the Gourd.
  • Vale of the Voles and the Kiss-Mee River are restored. (Unfortunately the Kissimmee River in Florida, Mundania, remains hostage to the will of the Armed Corps of Engines, so is not affectionate.)
  • Esk Ogre marries Bria Brassie.
  • Ryver retroactively delivered to Lacuna and Vernon.
  • Gorgon begins her career as a gourd horror actress.
  • Tristan Troll betrays his tribe by sparing a little human girl from death.
  • Merwin Merman toasted by Draco Dragon over a slight misunderstanding.
1083 The events of Heaven Cent
  • Gracile (Grace'l) Ossein messes up a bad dream and flees the realm of the gourd.
  • Prince Dolph undertakes a Quest to find Good Magician Humfrey, accompanied by Marrow Bones.
  • Vida Vila wishes to marry Prince Dolph, but he is too young.
  • Marrow and Dolph find Grace'l Ossein on the Isle of Illusion.
  • Melantha (Mela) Merwoman captures Dolph. To free himself, Dolph sets out to recover the firewater opal from Draco Dragon.
  • Marrow and Dolph return two Firewater Opals to Mela.
  • Marsh 5th --Cheiron Centaur marries Chex Centaur in a ceremony performed by the Simurgh before the winged monsters (Prince Dolph also sneaked in under the guise of "Phlod Firefly"). All present swear to protect the foal of this union, whose life will change the course of the history of Xanth.
  • The goblins of Mount Etamin raid Draco's lair and abduct Marrow Bones.
  • King Nabob Naga betroths his daughter, Princess Nada, to Prince Dolph, making a naga-human alliance. In return, the naga rescue Marrow Bones and the dragon's treasure from the goblins.
  • Dolph and Nada (Nada is stuck in snake form) enter Mundania through the gourd and meet Turn Key, who provides a way to locate the Heaven Cent.
  • Marrow, Grace'l, and Dolph use a hypnogourd to enter the realm of dreams and find the sleeping Princess. Instead they find Electra sleeping in place of the Princess, who awakens after 847 years (she got time off for good behavior). Dolph is betrothed to Electra.
  • Marsh 25th -- Trojan, the Night Stallion puts Grace'l Ossein on trial, with Dolph as defense attorney. Dolph barely vindicates her and Grace'l is still convicted, but the trial was all a test, and she is released and transferred to the good dream duty. Dolph's loyalty and determination earn him the respect of the Stallion.
  • Electra begins to recharge the Heaven Cent.
  • Twins Jot and Tittle delivered retroactively to Lacuna and Vernon.
  • Graeboe Giant gets ill.
  • Chena Centaur foaled on Centaur Isle.
  • Brusque Brassie (Talent of Making Things Hard and Heavy or Soft and Light) delivered to Esk Ogre and Bria Brassie.
  • David Baldwin born in Mundania
  • Che Centaur foaled to Cheiron and Chex Centaur.
  • Com-Pewter acquires a Castle Roogna magic mirror from a traveler.
1086 The events of Man from Mundania
  • AwGhost 27th -- Electra completes the Heaven Cent.
  • Dolph is grounded until he decides who he will marry, so he can't use the Heaven Cent to complete his Quest.
  • Princess Ivy decides to complete Dolph's Quest.
  • Princess Ivy, Princess Nada, and Electra recover the magic mirror from the evil machine Com-Pewter.
  • Ivy invokes the Heaven Cent and is transported to Mundania, where she meets Grey Murphy.
  • Grey and Ivy make their way to Xanth through the gourd. While in the gourd, Grey rescues a giant (no longer invisible) and confronts the Night Stallion. Grey does not yet believe in magic.
  • Grey traces the river of blood and rescues Girard Giant, who settles down happily ever after with Gina Giantess.
  • The Goblinate of the Golden Horde, led by Grotesk Goblin, captures Grey and Ivy. They escape and rescue Donkey Centaur. Ivy affiances Grey.
  • Grey travels to Mount Parnassus to discover whether he has a magic talent (King Dor and Queen Irene said that Ivy could not marry him if he didn't have a talent). He discovers that he is the Magician of Nullification.
  • Grey's true history and Com-Pewter's plot to use him to take over Xanth are revealed.
  • Grey, Ivy, and Electra make a deal with Com-Pewter's Sending for advice on how to defeat Com-Pewter's plot.
  • Magician Murphy and Sorceress Vadne return to Xanth, and Murphy lays his curse on the geis on Grey to serve Com-Pewter. The geis is fowled up, and Grey begins his service to Good Magician Humfrey, temporarily taking over in the capacity of Good Magician.
  • Sending begins to establish itself in Xanth to challenge Com-Pewter for dominance.
  • Stork sets out to deliver Surprise to Grundy Golem and Rapunzel.
  • Marrow Bones marries Grace'l Ossein.
  • Marrow and Grace'l construct Picka Bone and Joy'nt Bone.
1089 The events of Isle of View
  • Che Centaur is foalnapped by the goblins of Goblin Mountain.
  • Jenny Elf and Sammy Cat come to Xanth from the World of Two Moons through a hole in Xanth and give comfort to Che.
  • Prince Dolph and Demoness Metria seal the hole in Xanth.
  • Siege of Goblin Mountain occurs, nearly starting a war between the Monsters of Air and the Monsters of the Land.
  • Siege resolved when Che agrees to be Gwendolyn (Gwenny) Goblin's companion, and Gwenny and Jenny go to live with Che's family.
  • Prince Dolph marries Electra as she turns eighteen in normal living time (excluding 847 years of magical sleep during which she did not age).
  • Prince Dolph marries Princess Taplin in alternate reality.
  • Karen Baldwin born in Mundania.
1090 The events of Question Quest
  • Humfrey, with Lacuna's help, rescues five and a half wives (Demoness Dara, Maiden Taiwan, Rose of Roogna, Sofia Mundane, Gorgon, and MareAnn) from Hell, in a fashion. Each wife spends one month with Humfrey, then returns to Hell and switches with the next wife.
  • Lacuna tricks Com-Pewter into becoming a nice machine and freeing Grey Murphy.
  • Lacuna's change of life.
  • Soufflé Serpent comes to the Castle Roogna moat to be the moat monster.
  • Twins Abscissa and Ordinate (Talents of Traveling Along the X and Y Coordinates) delivered to orphanage.
  • Wira youthened by 22 years and marries Hugo.
1091 The events of The Color of Her Panties
  • Astrid and Briskil delivered to Esk Ogre and Bria Brassie.
  • Gwenny Goblin, Jenny Elf, and Che Centaur are inducted into the Adult Conspiracy, and Gwenny gets a pair of contact lenses.
  • Mela Merwoman goes ashore to find a husband and meets up with Okra Ogress. They travel together to visit Good Magician Humfrey, discovering and rescuing Princess Ida, who is unaware of her status, along the way.
  • Mela dons a pair of plaid panties.
  • Mela, Okra, and Ida ask Magician Humfrey their Questions, but he refuses to give them Answers, sending them instead to see Princess Nada Naga.
  • This leads to an adventure in which they rescue Gwenny, Jenny, and Che from Roxanne Roc and help Gwenny defeat her half-brother Gobble.
  • Gwenny Goblin becomes chief of Goblin Mountain.
  • Mela Merwoman marries Prince Naldo Naga.
  • Okra Ogress marries Smithereen Ogre.
  • Princess Ida discovers her true identity and her talent.
  • NoRemember 2 -- Stork brings Dawn and Eve to Electra. Talents: Dawn can tell anything about any living thing; Eve can tell anything about any inanimate thing.
  • Epoxy Ogre and Benzene Brassie (identical male/female twins) delivered to Esk Ogre and Bria Brassie.
  • Prince Dolin delivered to Prince Dolph and Princess Taplin in alternate reality.

Fifteenth Wave[]

1092 The events of Demons Don't Dream
  • Demon X(A/N)th's dream.
  • Dug and Kim Mundane enter Xanth via the Companions of Xanth game, created by the demons as part of a wager between the Demon X(A/N)th and the Demon E(A/R)th. Dug's Companion is Nada Naga and Kim's is Jenny Elf. The prize is a magical talent.
  • Kim wins the game and receives the Talent of Erasure as her prize.
  • The Demon X(A/N)th, having bet on Kim, wins his contest.
  • Black Wave finds home.
  • Cyrus marries Merci.
  • Cencow meets griffiness.
  • Stork delivers
1093 The events of Harpy Thyme
  • Gloha Goblin-Harpy sets out to find her perfect husband, asking Good Magician Humfrey. Humfrey instead directs her to ask his second son.
  • Gloha eventually discovers that Humfrey's second son is Crombie the Soldier.
  • Magician Trent drinks youth elixir, youthening him to an age of about 26.
  • Cynthia Centaur, the wing centaur filly transformed by Magician Trent, is released from the Brain Coral's Pool. Trent and Gloha bring her to Cheiron and Chex, and youthen her to an age of 8.
  • Trent and Gloha meet and join with Marrow Bones, and travel toward Lake Ogre-Chobee, where Crombie had pointed. They are harassed along the way by Demoness Metria.
  • The party is joined by an ailing invisible giant, Graeboe.
  • Gloha is captured by the nymphomaniac, Veleno.
  • In order to rescue Gloha, Metria marries Veleno. She then receives half of his soul.
  • Marrow Bones gets half a soul.
  • Graeboe is cured by a marrow transplant from Marrow Bones, and gives Marrow half of his soul.
  • Marrow splits the half soul among his family.
  • Trent transforms Graeboe into a winged goblin, and Graeboe marries Gloha.
  • Demoness Mentia, Metria's worser half, fissions off in disgust.
  • Phelra Human meets Roxanne Roc.
  • Stork delivers
1094 The events of Geis of the Gargoyle
  • Gary Gar, the gargoyle stationed at the Swan Knee River, asks Magician Humfrey how to keep the river clean permanently. Humfrey tells him to get the Philter.
  • Gary, accompanied by the Demoness Mentia, sets out on his Quest, planning to carry out his Service of tutoring Surprise at the same time.
  • Gary is transformed by Magician Trent into a human man, and accompanied by the youthened Sorceress Iris.
  • Gary, Iris, Surprise, and Mentia meet with Hiatus, who travels with them into the now-expanding Region of Madness.
  • The group discovers the Stonehinge, the lost city of the original human settlement of Xanth, and discovers the origin of the Interface.
  • Surprise is found to be able to have any talent, but only once.
  • Aided by Gayle Goyle, the gargoyle of Stonehinge, they trap the Philter, a powerful demon, in the Interface and recompile it, purifying the Swan Knee River and restraining the expanding Madness.
  • The term "AliCentaur" is coined as the name of the winged centaur species.
  • Hiatus marries Desiree Dryad.
  • Demoness Mentia comes to terms with better half.
  • Chelsey and Cherish Centaur foaled by Cheiron and Chex Centaur.
  • Steven Steamer delivered to Stanley and Stella.
1095 The events of Roc and a Hard Place
  • The Demoness V(E/N)us makes a wager with the Demon X(A/N)th that no jury can decide a case based on the evidence. They use the trial of Roxanne Roc to decide their wager.
  • Princess Ida gets moon Ptero.
  • Roxanne Roc utters the word "darn" in the presence of the Simurgh's unhatched chick. Due to the chick's extremely young age, this is considered a violation of the Adult Conspiracy and she is put on trial.
  • Demoness Metria sends her worser half, Mentia to ask Demon Professor Grossclout how to get the stork to heed her summons.
  • Mentia returns, relaying Grossclout's message, "Ask Good Magician Humfrey."
  • Metria goes to Humfrey's Castle and asks her Question. Humfrey sends her on a Service to the Simurgh without an Answer.
  • On Qaf, the Simurgh orders Metria to deliver black beryl tokens to the personnel and jury for Roxanne's trial.
  • Metria delivers the tokens, along the way averting the ancient curse on Castle Roogna, reconciling with her daughter, arranging a marriage between Nada Naga and Demon Prince Vore, learning how to drive a Mundane truck, discovering the Book of Kings, and helping Chena Centaur become an AliCentaur.
  • The Trial of Roxanne Roc takes place.
  • Metria thwarts the Demoness V(E/N)us's attempts to disrupt the trial.
  • Roxanne is convicted of Violation of the Adult Conspiracy and is "sentenced" to care for the Simurgh's offspring until he reaches adulthood.
  • In a double wedding ceremony, Grey Murphy marries Princess Ivy and Demon Prince Vore marries Princess Nada Naga.
  • Metria presents a black beryl token from the Simurgh to the stork, forcing him to deliver a child to her.
  • Simurgh’s egg hatches: Sim emerges.
  • Stork delivers Piper to Desiree and Hiatus with the talent of healing.
1096 The events of Yon Ill Wind
  • The Demon X(A/N)th and the Demon JU(P/I)ter make a wager. X(A/N)th becomes a Dragon-Ass called Nimby (Not In My Back Yard) and must get a citizen of Xanth to shed their last tear for him. The winner becomes the highest-ranking Demon, the loser becomes the lowest.
  • Nimby (X(A/N)th) accidentally teams up with Chlorine.
  • The Baldwin family (Jim, Mary, Sean, David, and Karen), along with a Mundane hurricane, which becomes known as Happy Bottom, are accidentally pulled into Xanth.
  • Nimby and Chlorine help the Baldwin family leave Xanth.
  • The Baldwins decide to remain in Xanth to help thwart Happy Bottom, who is endangering all of Xanth by spreading magic dust, effectively expanding the Region of Madness to cover the entire realm.
  • Sean Baldwin accidentally bathes in a love spring with Willow Elf.
  • With the aid of Demoness Mentia, King Cumulo Fracto Nimbus, and various other citizens of Xanth, Happy Bottom is hered toward the Region of Air.
  • Nimby, Chlorine, and Tweeter, Karen's pet parakeet, travel back in time to circa 900 to get the reverse thread (see date 900).
  • Happy Bottom is successfully trapped in the Region of Air.
  • David Baldwin's eyes are turned green by the sight of Chlorine's panties.
  • Fracto begins the process of taming and training Happy Bottom.
  • The Baldwin family, along with Willow Elf, leave for Mundania.
  • Chlorine sheds her last tear for Nimby.
  • Stork delivers
1097 The events of Faun & Games
  • Nimby marries Chlorine.
  • Sean and Willow return to Xanth, and Sean discovers that he has the ability to fly (given to him by Nimby).
  • Branch Faun and an unnamed nymph are lost in the Void.
  • Forrest Faun goes to Good Magician Humfrey to find out how to save Branch's tree.
  • Humfrey sends Forrest and Mare Imbrium to Ptero, the moon orbiting Ida's head.
  • While on Ptero, Forrest and Imbri, with the assistance of Ptero's 18-year-old versions of Dawn and Eve, save the humans of Ptero from marginalization by the wizards of Pyramid.
  • Forrest Faun and Mare Imbrium fall in love, and Imbri adopts Branch Faun's tree.
1098 The events of Zombie Lover
  • Breanna of the Black Wave wakes to a zombie kiss.
  • Bink (age 81) and Chameleon (age 76) youthened to 21 and 16 respectively.
  • Demon Xanth learns to dream
  • Jewel-lye 2 -- Jenny turns 21 and gets married.
  • Xeth Zombie marries Zyzzyva Zombie.
  • Stork delivers
1099 The events of Xone of Contention
  • Xanth Xone of the Modern Mundane Mesh.
  • Demon X(A/N)th, in the human guise of Nimby, visits Mundania with his love Chlorine. They do this by exchanging bodies with two Mundanes, Edsel and Pia, friends of Dug and Kim Mundane.
  • Edsel and Pia get in trouble in Xanth, until Pia decides to save a special tree and becomes an environmentalist.
  • Demon E(A/R)th catches on that another Demon is invading his territory, and raises an unholy storm.
1100 The events of The Dastard
  • Triplet Princesses, Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm meet the Dastard.
  • Sea Hag escapes the Pool after 33 years in storage. She tries to take over Becka. She does take over the body of Princess Melody.
  • Sea Hag is banished.
  • Becka finds Castle Maidragon
1101 The events of Swell Foop
  • E(A/R)TH is abducted by Fornax, which causes his magic power of Gravity fades, making things uncomfortable for the natives of his realm.
  • Only the Swell Foop can save Demon E(A/R)TH, and only the Six Rings of Xanth can control the Foop whose locations only the zombies know. Six mortal heroes tackle the mission.
  • Demon E(A/R)th rescued.
1102 The events of Up in a Heaval
  • Umlaut delivers letters to Xanthians from Mundanes.
  • Matt A Door wakes from sleep and makes a door to Ptero. However he finds out he is dead.
1103 The events of Cube Route
1104 The events of Currant Events
1105 The events of Pet Peeve
1106 The events of Stork Naked
1107 The events of Air Apparent

King Ivy[]

1108 The events of Two to the Fifth
  • Chen scheduled to be delivered to Cynthia and Che.
1109 The events of Jumper Cable
1110 The events of Knot Gneiss
  • Ida marries Hilarion.
  • Wenda looses the ability to have children, so she decides to adopt as many as she can.
  • Stork delivers Plato to Eve and Pluto.
  • Chel scheduled to be delivered to Cynthia and Che.
1111 The events of Well-Tempered Clavicle
1112 The events of Luck of the Draw
1113 The events of Esrever Doom
  • Reverse bomb set off in Xanth.
1114 The events of Board Stiff and Five Portraits