Umlaut is the creation of Senior Demons Fornax and Jupiter for a contest they held in Xanth. He was given the talent of emulation, making himself appear to be something he is not. He also did not know things about Xanth that he should know.

Umlaut met and fell in love with a very young Surprise. In a last ditch effort to win their wager, Fornax and Jupiter offered Becka to Umlaut as a replacement for Surprise. He refused and still wanted Surprise. He lost his soul temporarily during the encounter.[1]

He and Surprise are married and have Prize, their daughter.

Umlaut in other realities Edit

There are several versions of Umlaut in the alternate realities.[2]

  • In Xanth Reality 1, Umlaut-Two and Surprise-Two have a son.
  • In Xanth Reality 2, Umlaut-Three was married to Cynthia.
  • In Xanth Reality 6, Umlaut-Seven and Surprise-Seven did not get their souls back. He married a much younger Epoxy, and Surprise married a much younger Benzine. However, the two soulless people summoned the stork to have a baby delivered for Morgan Le Fey, who was possessing Surprise at the time.

References Edit

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