War is the Incarnation of Mars(War). War's position is to facilitate conflict and ameliorate human suffering: under certain circumstances, human suffering is increased, not decreased, by abstinence from armed response. War's main job is to make sure conflicts are handled fairly.

Current OfficeholderEdit

War's AccoutrementsEdit

The Red SwordEdit

Much like Chronos, War has one major artifact, the Red Sword of his office. It allows him to travel, freeze local time, and represents his office much like Time's Hourglass, in that it cannot be lost or put aside. Like Death's Scythe, it is a magical weapon capable of cutting through any substance. Its true power, however, is to amplify conflict, and make people naturally inclined to follow War, facilitating his ability to stir up battle wherever he so chooses.

The Four HorsemenEdit

War is one of the few incarnations with a retinue. He is accompanied by four horsemen (in addition to having his own horse, Werre): Conquest, Slaughter, Famine, and Pestilence. They are minor Incarnations, not nearly as powerful as the seven major players. It is not made clear whether they are also mortals serving an office or something else entirely. They are usually supplied with some general idea of what is going to happen and whether it is important, but it is nearly always incomplete - most of the work remains up to War himself.

The Doomsday ClockEdit

The Doomsday Clock is a massive clock that can be controlled only by war, counting down the time until midnight - a figurative representation of the Apocalypse. The higher the world's tensions, the closer it will show. War has the power, however, to intensify these tensions and force the Apocalypse, the final battle that will wipe out humanity. However, this power is mostly contained in the Red Sword, with the Doomsday Clock only representative of the current situation, rather than actually causing it.

Method of TransferEdit

War's method of transfer is unique in several ways. For one, he is the only Incarnation that takes breaks between officeholders - there are short periods where he is simply not needed. And secondly, the Red Sword in fact chooses the new candidate, rather than the previous officeholder. War is forcibly retired the instant that there is no war left on Earth, anywhere. With worldwide peace, his office is no longer necessary, and he is sent on to Heaven or Hell. As soon as a new war begins, however, the Red Sword activates once more and seeks out an appropriate officeholder. It looks for those with warrior training, proficient in strategy and weapon use, who is both a member of one of the sides in the newly declared war, and who desires the position - measured by rage and bloodlust at the time of the war.

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