A Wave is when humans from Mundania come into Xanth in a large group. Sometimes the Wave is peaceful, but most times it is not. There have been fifteen Waves.

Year Wave Description
2200 BFW unnumbered wave First human colony established
0 First Wave The wave which established the current human population in Xanth
35 Second Wave Men and children from the first wave murdered.
200 Third Wave Men murdered, woman raped.
204 Fourth Wave The women killed their rapist Third Wave husbands and bring in better men. Merlin becomes king.
237 Fifth Wave
286 Sixth Wave Roogna killed during this wave.
378 Seventh Wave Pre-Curse fiend settlers. They keep to themselves and settle near Lake Ogre.
698 Eighth Wave
753 Ninth Wave
797 Tenth Wave
866 Eleventh Wave
917 Twelfth Wave This wave was also called the Last Wave because Ebnez adapted a death stone into a shield stone to keep Mundanes out of Xanth.
1042 Thirteenth Wave This wave was Trent's army which he was going to use to attack Xanth. Since he became king without violence, his army settled peacefully.
1067 Fourteenth Wave The was is also called the Next Wave. They were aided by the Horseman, a Xanthian werehorse. He took out any king who lead well.
1092 Fifteenth Wave This was is also called the Black Wave. They settled peacefully.

There will not be any more Waves into Xanth. In Air Apparent the physical connection between Xanth and Mundania has been severed. Mundanes still make it to Xanth through other means but not in large numbers.

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