Xanth boardgame
Publisher(s) Mayfair Games
Players 1–6
Playing time 3 hours

Based on the fantasy Xanth novels by Piers Anthony.

From the box: On Xanth... Anyone who doesn't believe in magic must reckon with the rainbow, which shows up only at a distance and retreats if anyone walks toward it. If one person stands still and another walks, the rainbow remains in place for the one and retreats for the other - simultaneously. It is one-sided, like a one-way path, invisible from the other side. That is obviously magic. - Piers Anthony

Xanth, the magical, pun-filled world of Piers Anthony's fantasy novels, comes to life in this hilarious game. As one of many colorful characters, players must travel across land and sea in order to fulfill their wild and wacky quests. For 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult.

Contents: 162 playing cards, 15 dice, 6 pawns, 12 chits, gameboard, rulebook, sorting tray.

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