Zosi was a zombie who became human again to get help to boost the number of zombies in Xanth.[1] She did not like living again. The zombies had been dwindling in number, and there were not enough to protect Xanth at the time. During her quest, she helped Kody find and diffuse the reverse bomb which was making everyone in Xanth perceive beauty and ugliness in reverse.

Zosi met Eve who was desperately looking for a nanny for her son, Plato. His talent was to animate the dead, and no other nanny could handle it. Eve offered Zosi the position, however, Zosi would have to remain a living human.

Zosi fell in love with Kody, and now they are lovers while he is sleeping in Mundania. When he is not there, she trains Plato for one day he will be the new Zombie Master.

References Edit

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